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Peninsula Community Library


The Peninsula Community Library Local History Room (also known as the Johnson-Carroll Homestead Room) contains books that are specific to the history of Old Mission Peninsula (which can be checked out), and archival materials relating to Peninsula Township. Many of the publications are written by local authors. 

Our archival materials consist of numerous physical objects including documents, photos and maps. Please click on the links below to view the individual Finding Aids to see what we currently have in our collection. 

The Finding Aids (see below) give a broad overview of the collection - typically at the container level (i.e. box or folder). They do not index every name which appears in the material. Finding aids will not list all of the items in a container (ie. will not list every letter in a folder of letters)

If you would like to spend some time with the collection, please contact the library to set up an appointment.


LHC 001 - Historical Records of Peninsula Community Library

LHC 002 - Historical Records of Old Mission Peninsula School

LHC 003 – Historical Records of Grand Traverse County Grange Halls

LHC 004 - Historical Records of Men's and Women's Clubs of Peninsula Township

LHC 005 - Historical Records of Peninsula Township Government

LHC 006 – Historical Records of Grand Traverse Postcard Collection

LHC 007 - Historical Records of Peninsula Historic Sites and Churches

LHC 008 - Historical Records of Peninsula Family History

LHC 008-1 - Historical Records of the H.K. Brinkman Family

LHC 009 - Vogel Dissertation

LHC 010 - Carolyn Gay Taft Farm Letters