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Peninsula Community Library

PCL Local History Talks

Tim Carroll and George McManus Jr. discuss history of the Old Mission Peninsula, and their experiences growing up on it.
Tim and Richard Carroll share the history of two observation towers located on Old Mission Peninsula (circa 1920s), the Friedrich Tower and the Golden Tower
Tim Carroll, Jackie Thomas and Bob Dean share stories about their ancestors, whose biographies are included in the book: “Sprague's History of Grand Traverse and Leelanau Counties, Michigan: Embracing a Concise Review of Their Early Settlement,…

Peninsula Community Library "One Room Schoolhouse Memories" Talk

Tim Carroll and Jerry Ostlund share their memories of attending the one room schoolhouses at Mapleton and Old Mission. Other schoolhouses on the Peninsula are also touched upon.

Cavasos-Carroll Connection Local History Talk

Tim Carroll presents a slideshow discussing the seasonal migrant workers who came to his family's farm from 1935-1960.

A 7 Generation Farm Family on Old Mission Peninsula (1856-Present)

Georgia Holman, Laurie Holman and Beth Holman give a presentation on their family history on OM Peninsula. Curtis Fowler, Sr. and his sons purchased farm property in 1856 and their ancestors have continued to farm this land for seven generations.

Peninsula Community Library "Once Upon a Peninsula Coloring/Activity Book" Local History Talk

A deep dive of some of the history surrounding stories in the coloring/activity book "Once Upon a Peninsula" (based on the memories of Tim Carroll from the 1940's growing up on Old Mission Peninsula). Includes four 3rd graders from OMP School recounting their favorite pages in the book.

Peninsula Community Library "Ogdensburg" Talk

Various people who grew up on the Peninsula in the Ogdensburg area recount their memories of school and family life.

Peninsula Community Library "A History of the Brown/Giles Family and Brys Estate Vineyard & Winery" Talk

An account of the Brys Estate Vineyard & Winery on Old Mission Peninsula, including early photographs of what the estate looked like when they first purchased it. The farm was originally owned by the Brown/Giles family.
A variety of speakers give an overview of the history of the churches located on Old Mission Peninsula.
Leland Gore and Tim Carroll discuss the history of the Gore family and the Old Mission Peninsula.
Video of the relocation and dedication of the Hessler Log Cabin located at Mission Point Lighthouse Park.
Tim Carroll, Jackie Thomas, and Karen Rieser present a talk on the history of the Old Mission American Legion Hall Post 399.

Karen Buchan, in a mix of audio and video, recounts the history of early settlers, including the Buchan, Carroll and Holman families.

Don Harrison, the "Up North Memories Guy", Michigan Historian and Postcard dealer, shares stories and insights based on antique Michigan postcards of all types.