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Peninsula Community Library

Printing / Scanning / Faxing

Printing and Copying
$0.10 each for black and white copies
$0.25 each for colored copies 

Our fax number is 231-223-4074
$0.25  to receive a fax
No charge to send out a fax.

There is no charge to scan documents.

* PCL staff will scan, copy and fax your documents for you until further notice*

WiFi Access

  • WiFi available 24/7 and accessible from parking lot parking lot & outdoor areas


  • We now have iPads available for your use while in the parking lot.  Bring your drivers license, call us upon arrival and we will bring one out to you.  License will be returned when the iPad is returned 

Meeting Rooms

  • All meeting rooms are closed to the public until further notice

Zoom instruction manual for Participants.pdf

Download file — application/pdf, 1 MB (1802297 bytes)