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Peninsula Community Library

PCL Pandemic Response Plan

Peninsula Community Library Pandemic Response Plan for Reopening  (May 14, 2020)

Phase One:  Closed by Executive Order of the Governor of Michigan to all but essential business necessary to keep the library in operation. 

  • Library Director is the only staff member allowed in the building to pay bills, run payroll, check on mechanical operations in the building, handle mail, etc.
  • All mail is isolated for 24 hours before handling.
  • Doors will remain locked.
  • Little Free Library and Puzzle Bin may be kept filled by Director - rules posted.
  • Director begins acquiring supplies necessary for the phases of reopening.

Phase Two:  Executive Order allows some form of return to serving the public.   The implementation of this phase to be coordinated with the Traverse Area District Library as far as timing of opening once Executive Order allows. 

  • Library cleaned and properly disinfected.
  • Proper signage pre-posted.
  • Building remains closed to the public for one to two weeks.
  • Select staff allowed in to prepare for curbside service.
  • Masks and gloves required for all staff.
  • Friends’ Room set up for Quarantine/Holding Room for staff and later patrons who exhibit symptoms and cannot leave on their own.
  • Tables set up in Community Room to quarantine returned items.
  • First 1-2 weeks returns will be allowed but no checkouts to give staff time to catch up. Drive up book return will be unlocked.
  • Staff will be hand selected by Director to be in the library during this phase. Some staff in a vulnerable group will be assigned tasks to do from home.
  • Returning staff will be required to fill out health form and take their temperature when arriving with a touch free thermometer.
  • Staff will keep well apart, working in different sections of building.
  • Hours will be limited, with special hours for vulnerable.
  • Parking lot will be one way with procedure in place for curbside pick-up.
  • Food brought in by staff is for personal use only, nothing returned to refrigerator after opening and nothing prepared on site.
  • No volunteers.
  • All fines waived and no collection of cash for any reason.

 Phase Three:  Limited entry is allowed into the building by Executive Order.

  • Capacity of the library will be limited at this time.
  • Library will keep procedure in place for sanitizing space.
  • Toys and manipulatives removed and stored.
  • Sneeze guards in place at tables and at circulation desk.
  • Excess furniture and upholstered furniture removed/restricted.
  • Six foot personal distancing required and reinforced by signage.
  • Signs in place to direct foot traffic through the library.
  • Masks required and provided if patron doesn’t have one.
  • Hand sanitizer required at entry and visible throughout library.
  • No contact check-out in place with scan pad placed through the opening in the sneeze shields for patron to scan their own items.
  • Continue to offer special hours for the vulnerable.
  • No games or kits will be checked out in this phase.
  • Staff wipe down tables, handles and knobs several times per day with sanitizer, as well as other high touch surfaces.
  • Doors to main library and restrooms will be propped open.
  • Special use rooms locked – accessible to staff only.
  • No patron food or beverage is allowed in the library.
  • Coffee Bar closed.
  • Use of meeting rooms not allowed.
  • All programming offered virtually or in other creative non-contact ways.
  • No fines and no cash collected.
  • No volunteers.

 Phase Four:  Return to full service is allowed by Executive Order.

  • Hours restored and full staff reinstated.
  • Encourage patrons to continue to personal distance for as long as deemed necessary.
  • All collection items available for checkout.
  • On site programming restored with caution as allowed by law.
  • Use of meeting rooms restored as deemed safe with personal distancing. required for as long as necessary.
  • Volunteers slowly reinstated.
  • Library will remain on alert for reoccurring waves of pandemic with possible return to early phases of operation as necessary.

This plan is approved by the Peninsula Community Library Board which gives the Library Director full authority to make adjustments to the plan as needs change or situations arise.