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Peninsula Community Library

An African proverb teaches, “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”  We are so fortunate here at Peninsula Community Library to be a part of a community that loves its library!  My heart is filled with gratitude by the letters, calls and texts that tell us the good ways PCL is a part of your lives. You send us photos of grandchildren playing in our garden, bring in visitors to introduce to our staff, offer up reviews of books and programs and share the everyday details of your life. Why? Because we are a family!

I will share with you a few comments from patrons! From a Scout who chose the library for his project, “Thank you for the opportunity for me to do my Eagle Scout project at the library. It has been a pleasure helping out the Peninsula Community Library.” From a patron who attended every summer concert, “We love the concert series in the garden – world class and free!” From a conversation with a regular, “This library is the best thing that ever happened on the Peninsula! It is here for everyone!” And from Google reviews: “A wonderful little library. Lots of really cool toys to entertain the kids for a bit. My wife and kids go here at least once a week, play and read for a bit and then come home with a new bagful of great children's books every time.” “We LOVE the Peninsula Community Library. It is a beautiful building in a great setting. Our 3-year-old grandson loves visiting and playing in the children’s area. My wife and I enjoy visiting, sitting by the fireplace and enjoying some reading time. With a friendly staff on top of all this, the Peninsula Community Library is a tremendous resource!” “Everything I wanted in life was there plus some coffee!”

Do you know that PCL is an independent township library that operates within the Traverse Area District Library by contract? That PCL has its own board elected by the voters of Peninsula Township? That we hold a collection of 27,000 items, lend out 25,000, run on an operating budget of $335,000 and on a full-time staff equivalent of only 3.15? We are open 42 hours per week, host hundreds of programs and last year had 18,000 people walk through our doors! Yet by any standard, we are a small rural library in a community of 6068 residents.

What makes us special? You do! You share your stories, your talents, your resources. As your library director, I am ever grateful for your support. Peninsula Community Library is the heart of our community thanks to all of you! YOU are our family!

Warmest Regards, Vicki

Vicki Shurly, Director