Peninsula Community Library

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Director's Message

"The only thing that you absolutely need to know is the location of the library." Albert Einstein

Peninsula Community Library opened on the stage of the Old Mission Peninsula School in 1957.  In 1959, by the vote of the people, PCL became a certified township library under the laws of the State of Michigan.  Peninsula Community Library has long been the heart of the community. 

In 2016 with changes happening in the school, the Director and Board of Trustees decided to mount a campaign to build on the 5.25 acres the library had purchased back in 1990.  In a short 2.75 years, the  financial goal of 2.5 million dollars was surpassed, an architect hired, a contractor engaged and a structure built.  The move into our beautiful 5600 square foot facility was facilitated by volunteer community members in early September of 2019. 

To quote an Old Mission citizen when asked in the past why people turn out to help at the library, "This is what communities do!"  Peninsula Community Library is fortunate to serve as a beloved institution in a rural area surrounded by orchards, vineyards and  the best wineries in the state.  We are often an unexpected tourist destination, when curious visitors stop by to ask about the library in the fields. 

I am honored to be director  in a community that values and loves its library and its library staff.  The feeling is mutual.  When a small child playing in the children's area with the train set or pretend market runs up to give me a hug, or when elderly patrons come to say goodbye as they leave for warmer places in the winter, or when  someone wants to volunteer just because they love the library, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for my community and the people who live here. 

A library has books and movies and music and activities and more, but a library is really about the people.  It is the people who work here and use the library who make it special.   

Peninsula Community Library is truly a gift by the community to the community.  Come visit us soon! 

Vicki Shurly, Library Director